Caesar Salad Dressing

This Caesar dressing is my favorite. Not too thick, not too thin. Just enough garlic for flavor and some lemon juice to make it refreshing. I don’t know if I would ever get tired of it.

Razzle Dazzle ‘em

Somewhere between ice cream and a mousse. This recipe is sure to please – no need for an ice cream maker.

Outstanding Tender Asparagus Every time

Asparagus, wonderful, delicious, nutritious, high in fiber, low in calories, green, white, purple, tender…………oh, yeah, ….not always tender. Our family loves asparagus and we will eat it almost whenever it is available in the grocery store or farmer’s market, provided Continued …

Almond Butter Cookies – Gluten Free-Low Carb

These little gems are crispy, buttery, almondy, crunchy and work really well for a dessert for those who are eating low carb/low glycemic and/or are eating gluten free. They also do not contain any egg. Reminiscent of nutty shortbread.

Hard Baked (not boiled) Eggs

Well here’s something new to me. Hard baked (not boiled) eggs. Baked whole in the oven. A friend asked me if I had tried it, and I hadn’t even heard of it!  Getting right to work I preheated the oven Continued …

Need softened butter fast?

You’re already to start a recipe and you notice that the butter needs to be room temperature. Arggg! I get caught with cold butter at least once a month, most often when company is here for dinner and the fresh Continued …

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