How to slice an apple so it won’t turn brown.

Apple slicing 6 WM

How many of you pack a whole apple in your kid’s lunch only to find a stash of apples in the bottom of their backpack? If your kids are like mine, they will eat a sliced apple over a whole apple everytime. Even me, I preferred my apples sliced. There’s just no getting around it, eating a whole apple can be noisy, can give someone sitting close by an apple juice shower, and can be just downright messy by getting bites that are a bit too big to manage. Eating apple slices is definitely easier for kids and well, for adults, maybe a bit more…..refined :-).  The problem for lunch and snack packers is how to slice your apple ahead of time and not have those slices turn a nasty brown.

Many of you know that you can slice your apple and soak the slices in salt or lemon water and that will help prevent them from turning, but that takes extra time and it does effect the flavor.

Years ago I started slicing my apples the following way, mainly as an easy way to slice and remove the core at the same time. Much to my amazement, if I kept the apple intact and put it in a baggie, the apple slices barely began to turn by lunch time. My kids are now chowing down on their apples daily at lunch time.

It’s an easy technique – just four slices.  From the top make one slice just outside the core – cut almost to the bottom, but don’t cut all the way through.

Apple slicing 2

Turn your knife (or apple) a quarter turn and make another slice just outside the core – again, almost to the bottom, but not all the way through.

Apple slicing 3

Another quarter turn…

Apple slicing 4

And one more….

Apple slicing 5

Now simple place the apple into a bag that will hold it together. And enjoy hours later. The apple will have only browned ever so slightly, not enough that my kids have ever noticed or complained.

When ready to eat, whether immediately or later, simply break apart the pieces and discard the core.Apple slicing 6 WM

Don’t forget the Chocolate Coconut Almond Spread for those apple slices!

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