Coconut Curry Chicken Strips – Gluten Free and Low Carb

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If you are trying to give up or reduce your white flour intake, it can seem daunting at first. It seems like you have to give up so much. But you don’t. Further you don’t have to sacrifice flavor. And of course, if you eat whole foods and low carb/low glycemic you will loose weight without trying and without counting calories.

I’m like all of you, when I’m being a good girl what I miss most is bread, crackers, breaded foods and sugar. Today this recipe focuses on breaded foods. These chicken strips are crispy whether you decide to bake or fry them. Their flavor is a blend of Thai ingredients that you can modify to your personal liking. The sweet coconut blends well with the exotic curry and the peanuts…….well, they just set it all off in a wonderful explosion of flavor.

This recipe works well for 4 medium chicken breasts. I cut each one in half lengthwise and lightly pound to an even thickness. Arrange remaining ingredients in 3 dishes. I think the bread pans work well for this.

Coconut curry chicken 1

The first dish contains coconut flour (high in fiber, gluten free, low carb) and some curry powder. If you are not a fan of curry, just leave it out, but you might be sorry. The third dish contains crushed salted peanuts (I used dry roasted) and unsweetened coconut. You can usually find unsweetened coconut in the bulk aisle of your supermarket. If you use sweetened coconut you loose your low cab rating.

Combine ingredients, in each pan, until mixed.

Coconut curry chicken 2

Dip chicken strip into coconut flour mixture, then egg, then into shredded coconut and chopped peanuts.

Coconut curry chicken 3 Place on wire rack or on cookie sheet.

Coconut curry chicken 4

I have mine divided into a left side right side situation because I decided to leave out the curry on half (for my husband’s sake) and to bake half and fry the other half. Here you see the fried turned out a bit darker. Oh, and BTW, my husband who is not a big fan of curry – gravy style – really liked the strips with the curry powder. Never would’ve guessed it!

Coconut curry chicken 5

The peanut flavor is quite a bit stronger than the coconut, but I think all three flavors blend great with the curry. If you eliminate the curry, you could decrease the peanut and increase the coconut. Of course, if you love peanut, by all means go for it! I think you could also do this recipe with all coconut or all peanut – for your taste and/or food necessities. If you leave out the peanuts, I would add a bit of salt.
I served these sweet, savory tenders with some Ginger Pepper Jelly because it is what I had on hand (not exactly low carb).  I think a peanut sauce would be delightful as well as a hot mustard sauce.

Coconut Curry Chicken Strips

By Linda Hazen Published: April 8, 2014

  • Yield: 8 large tenders (4 Servings)

Sweet and savory Thai flavors all put together to make tasty, crunchy chicken tenders that you can either bake or fry. Amazingly, gluten free and low carb.



  1. If baking then preheat oven to 375•F. If frying, then place enough oil in pan to be about 3/4-inch deep and beginning warming.
  2. Cut chicken breasts in half lengthwise, and pound to an even thickness.
  3. Place coconut flour and curry powder in one dish; stir. Place eggs in another dish; stir. Place coconut and peanuts in a third dish; stir.
  4. Dip chicken strip into coconut flour, then egg, then in coconut peanut mixture and coat thoroughly. Place on wire rack on top of baking sheet. When all strips are coated either bake or fry.
  5. If baking, chicken strips will take about 20-25 minutes. If you desire, you may broil the last 5 minutes to increase browning. If frying, fry on each side 2-3 minutes or until done.
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