Recipe fail – but gadget I like

Nut grinder 4

Not sure where to start…….could be:
“Ever have one of those days?” or
“Do you remember this?”

Lately, I’ve really been wanting to develop a grrrreat recipe for a cracker/chip. You know, something whole food, gluten free, low glycemic and kid approved. I’ve made kale chips, Parmesan crisps, and am planning on trying some cucumber chips, but still I want something beefy enough that you can dip into some Hot Artichoke Dip or Onion Dip or all the other wonderful dips you can eat to your hearts content while low carbing or even whole fooding.

Well, yesterday I tried to beef up the Parmesan Crisps to make them dippable – is that a word? . I wasted two precious cups of my Parmigiano Reggiano while experimenting with recipes that went to the dogs – literally. Next time I’ll try with just 1/4 of a recipe.

What did come out of this failed attempt was a reminder of a favorite kitchen gadget. My nut grinder. Nut grinder 2This particular nut grinder is probably 40 years old. I remember my mom having us grind nuts when I was a kid (good memories). I’m really not much of a gadget person, but this one is a keeper. It’s easy to use, EASY to Clean, and best of all if you eat a lot of ground nuts (say in your low carb oats in the morning) then you simply cap it and keep it in the fridge! Even better, I just did a quick search on Amazon and they still make it! The same one! And it’s less than $10!
Nut grinder 1
One more benefit to my recipe fail day – I think I had an epiphany for a great cracker idea. Stay tuned.

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