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Asparagus, wonderful, delicious, nutritious, high in fiber, low in calories, green, white, purple, tender…………oh, yeah, ….not always tender. Our family loves asparagus and we will eat it almost whenever it is available in the grocery store or farmer’s market, provided it’s not too pricey. Years ago I would shy away from any asparagus larger than my little finger, but being that we loved it so, I’ve done some experimenting over the years.  I wanted to be able to enjoy the larger stalks, as well as  be able to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Have you seen how some grocery stores have their asparagus displayed standing on ice?  I’ve also seen them standing in shallow tubs of water.  So I began trying the following method and much to my great surprise our asparagus enjoyment has increased even more.

First I purchase a bunch of asparagus and wash it. Then I place it on a cutting board and chop the ends at an angle (similar to what you would do with roses). Then place the stalks standing up in a bowl or jar of water.  The angle cut allows more surface area for the stalk to absorb water.  cut asparagusIf I will be cooking the asparagus that evening I leave it on the counter. Otherwise the whole thing gets covered with the produce bag I purchased the asparagus in and into the refrigerator it goes. If you don’t use it within two days you may want to change the water.  Even the tiniest of stems will benefit from being well hydrated before cooking.

Now that you’ve got tender asparagus – why not try this super simple recipe for Nutty Asparagus?

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