Need softened butter fast?

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You’re already to start a recipe and you notice that the butter needs to be room temperature. Arggg! I get caught with cold butter at least once a month, most often when company is here for dinner and the fresh baked bread comes out of the oven. Warm fresh bread and cold hard butter – not that impressive. Also, for baked goods such as cookies, years ago I’d go ahead and use the cold butter, but it didn’t cream nearly as well. Then for a time I would carefully slice the butter in very thin pats. That was o.k. but time consuming and not the greatest technique.

Now I shred. This is so easy and lightening fast. You can easily shred a half pound of butter in less than 10 seconds. (I wish cheese shredded so fast.) For those of you who like to keep your butter in the refrigerator and as fresh as possible this technique is fabulous. It works great for bringing butter to room temperature for baked goods and it works equally well to shred on a piece of toast or bread. Just remember – watch your knuckles.

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3 Responses to “Need softened butter fast?”

  1. Cindy

    Great idea! I could have used this a few days ago as I was using frozen butter : ) Thanks for the great tips Linda!

    • Linda Hazen

      I haven’t tried it with frozen butter, but I think it would work fine. I think I’ll get my chance because I just purchased 8 pounds of butter at the big box store – need to freeze it.

  2. Linda Hazen

    Now have tried it with frozen butter and it works great. Just let it set a few minutes after shredded because it is still very cold.


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