Menu ideas for Slow Carbs

Menu ideas

Thankfully, once you understand low carb/low glycemic/slow carb you will see that you do not have to eat like a rabbit, caveman or runway model to lose weight, control your blood sugar and feel good.  With the options below it is always better to choose organic when you can afford it. With meat and dairy try to find those that do not contain hormones. Grass feed animals and the products from them (milk, cheese, butter) are richer in many nutrients and much better for your health (margarine=bad, butter=better, organic butter=better yet, grass fed organic=best). Just remember, very few of us can afford to use all organic. Do as much as you can. Choose the foods with the least chemicals added.

This is a very basic list to get you started. Please note that almost all meats (not processed meats) are safe to eat as far as carbs go. Many veggies are fine also, but a few are higher in carbs such as corn, cooked carrots, peas and of course, potatoes are very high. You may want to check a glycemic index list.  Don’t be afraid to use healthy fats such as cream, butter, cheese, olive oil, avocado, nut butters, etc.  And remember, some mushrooms sautéed in garlic, wine and a little butter can go a long way to keeping you happy!


  • Eggs, bacon or sausage and an almond flour muffin
  • Low Carb pancakes with butter, a little maple syrup, whipped cream, nuts and berries
  • Whole oat groats with milk or half-n-half, chopped nuts, coconut and stevia
  • Whole hulled barley groats (the lowest glycemic grain) prepared like oatmeal above
  • Kefir or yogurt smoothie (no more than 1/4 of a banana)


  • All types of salads (just beware of high carb ingredients such as sugary dressings, tomatoes, corn, some fruits, etc. Safest bets are Caesar w/o croutons, vinaegrette or ranch dressings.)
  • Meats and veggies
  • Burger without the bun or bottom bun only
  • Low carb tortilla wrap
  • Sandwich ingredients wrapped in lettuce leaves or a roasted pepper shell




      • Nuts
      • Seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, etc.
      • Hummus (check ingredients, use organic as chickpeas are heavily sprayed)
      • Unsweetened large flake coconut, toasted
      • 1/2 apple with ChocoAlmo spread
      • Cheese (check as a few may be higher in carbs)
      • Cream cheese dips
      • Dark chocolate (a square or two)
      • Kale chips


  • Meats and veggies (eliminate fast and high carbs such as potato and rice)
  • Salads
  • Beans and Barley
  • Slow Carb Nachos
  • Slow Carb Spaghetti
  • Slow Carb Mac and Cheese
  • Some soups (watch out for rice, potatoes, too much tomato or high carbs)



Hitting your sweet tooth when you don’t want to make a recipe

There are three flavors I have found fool the brain into thinking that food is sweet. Maybe this is due to association. The flavors are vanilla, orange and peppermint. If I put those flavors into food such as whipping cream, I often do not use any sweetener at all. Try it!

  • Gum (Xylitol sweetened is best. I will often chew half a piece of gum after a meal. The intense flavor tricks my brain that it has had something sweet.)
  • Whipped cream – keep some in the fridge. Add vanilla and Stevia if you need to. Top with some frozen berries, add some melted dark chocolate (chocolate mousse) or any ingredient that is low carb and sounds good. Make your own billowy, cloud of creamy goodness.
  • Toasted coconut
  • Cold water flavored with peppermint oil, orange oil or any flavor you like (be sure oils are meant for internal use). You can also sweeten this with Stevia. Keep plenty in the fridge.


* Don’t think you want to give up pasta completely? Me either.  There is a delicious brand of low carb pasta called Dreamfields. It is widely available. If you decide once in a while to indulge in pasta this is what I have found does not sabotage my weight loss. Be sure to cook your pasta al denté. Do not over cook.  Begin your meal with a filling, cripsy salad tossed with plenty of veggies and a dressing that contains plenty of vinegar. Make the salad the largest part of your meal. When it comes to the pasta dish, serve a little bit of pasta, top with plenty of sauce and plenty of cheese. Enjoy!

Check this page in the upcoming weeks as I will link recipes to many of the above menu items.

For an entire book full of low carb recipes see Six Ingredients or Less Low Carb where no recipe has any more than 6mg of net carbs.

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