Hard Baked (not boiled) Eggs

Hard "Baked" Eggs

Well here’s something new to me. Hard baked (not boiled) eggs. Baked whole in the oven. A friend asked me if I had tried it, and I hadn’t even heard of it!  Getting right to work I preheated the oven to 350°F, placed an egg in each muffin cup and baked them for 30 minutes.  Oh, let me back up a bit.

We have eggs, lots of eggs. Twelve chickens and almost twelve eggs every day. While this makes our dogs very happy, I quickly reach the gag factor after eating eggs for several days. Doesn’t really matter if they’re scrambled, fried, in a quiche or whatever.  However, I really like egg salad (plus it’s low carb!) The problem with fresh eggs is that they are almost impossible to peel.  I’ve left mine on the counter for a week, I’ve added salt to the water, vinegar to the water and still peeling falls into the category of “A labor of love.”

Baking the eggs is supposed to help with this problem – I had to try. And guess what? It did!

After the eggs were in the oven for about 28 minutes (both times I tested), they started popping. I took them out at 30 minutes. I think the eggs were just a bit over cooked, but I was concerned if I took them out sooner that they wouldn’t be easy to peel.

eggs in muffin cups

And a close up:

single cracked egg

You can see that not all of the eggs cracked and popped, but they were all much easier to peel. I was so impressed with how this worked with my fresh eggs, that I wanted to try it with some store bought eggs.  You can see in the picture below that the store bought eggs peeled like a dream. You can also see the color of both the whites looks a tad roasted and in spots the whites almost burned a bit.

Since they aren’t the prettiest, I wouldn’t rely on this method for making deviled eggs, but for egg salad or any recipe with chopped egg. It is pretty amazing. Oh, the brown spots are easily removed.

egg comparison

Once I’m ready for egg salad again (I have two dozen eggs’ worth) I’ll let my fresh eggs sit on the counter for several days before baking. Maybe they’ll turn out as pretty as the store bought ones.

I would imagine some of you might be thinking that those fresh eggs still didn’t peel very easy. I wish I had a picture of my boiled peeled eggs. There’s not much white left around the yolk at all, and I’m lucky if I can take off 1/8-inch square miniscule piece at a time. Ugh.

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