Is blue corn better for you?

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Is blue corn, as in blue tortilla chips and taco shells, better for you?  As it turns out, the answer is “yes”!  And in a really good way for those of us wishing to lose weight (or watching blood sugar) and still indulge in a little grain.

A study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, analyzed the chemical composition of blue and white corn tortillas. While their nutritional content is similar, the effect on your blood sugar is different. And when you are trying to loose weight, this is where you should be concerned.

The study concluded that white corn tortillas contained an average of about 75% total starch compared with 68% starch in blue corn tortillas. Blue corn tortillas also had a lower concentration of resistant or undigestible starch than white.  In both chips they found that the resistant starch increased with greater storage time. However, researchers found blue corn tortillas had a lower glycemic index value that did not change over time, while white corn tortillas had a higher glycemic index value that also increased with storage. Just another plus for blue.

One final benefit, if you are not already convinced, researchers found blue corn tortillas contain 20% more protein than white corn toritillas. They also have less starch and a lower glycemic index (GI), a reason to celebrate for those wanting to loose weight and people with diabetes.

Foods with a lower glycemic index release sugar content into the blood more slowly and provide a steady source of energy, while sugars in high-glycemic index foods are more likely to cause spikes in blood sugar and energy levels and in increase of insulin which leads to storage of fat.

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