Linda by Joe croppedIt’s challenging to create quick and tasty recipes using only ingredients you normally have on hand. That’s what Six Ingredients or Less is all about: giving you the recipes you need to make great food fast and without a shopping trip. These delicious recipes run the gamut from everyday lunches to family dinners to exquisite menus for entertaining.

We want to get you in and out of the kitchen fast, without anyone knowing you used so few ingredients.

Six Ingredients or Less Cookbooks

Carlean Johnson, my mother, self-published the first of the Six Ingredients or Less Cookbooks back in 1982. Back then, I watched my mother work hard to contact every kitchen shop and private bookstore she could find to see if they would carry her book.

Before too long, the phones were ringing off the hook. The mailbox was flooded. People were demanding her book of simple and delicious recipes. Over the years, my mother collected binders full of letters from grateful moms and dads who benefitted from her hard work.

Demand for her first book was huge, and request for more poured in. Over the years, she created nine books in the Six Ingredients or Less series. By the time Mom passed away in 2009, she had sold approximately two million cookbooks.

Today, we still received request for books from adult children raised on these recipes.

A passion for cooking

There were four of us kids in the house growing up, and to this day I’m thankful my mom loved to cook. For a long time, it was her hobby. Eventually, out of necessity, it became her vocation.

Mom understood the hectic schedules of today’s moms and dads who are trying to feed their families real food with real ingredients, not pre-packaged or frozen dinners bereft of nutritional value.

Balanced meals created from common kitchen staples were mom’s passion. Her recipes always tasted as if they used all sorts of various ingredients, rather than the six or less she’s famous for.

On holidays and during special occasions, guests were always amazed at just how good mom’s food tasted, and were often floored to discover just how few ingredients she used.

Following Mom’s dream

I grew up a foodie, but not a food snob. I enjoy a good PB&J sandwich as much as the next person, and comfort foods are more than comfortable for me. But I always look forward to a nice, savory well-prepared meal, too.

In school, I majored in Home Economics with a minor in Nutrition. Nutrition became something of a hobby. It was only natural that I’d work with Mom on her business right from the start.

Together, we travelled the country. We’d sell Mom’s cookbooks at trade shows, kitchen shows, county fairs and anywhere else that they’d have us. After a while, business was growing so fast that we only needed to travel occasionally. We could stay home and focus on creating more wonderful Six Ingredients or Less cookbooks for our customers.
This worked out well for me, as I was starting my family by then. My three kids grew up in the kitchen with me (or at my feet while I typed recipes on the computer). My daughter always wanted to test recipes with grandma, and she still helps me today.

Mom once asked my oldest son if he wanted a cookie. His answer came, “Is it real or fake?” Our family recognized the value of eating real food made from real ingredients. Even my youngest son, now a teenager, has been making homemade pizza from scratch.

And my husband, bless his heart, is always willing to taste test anything we make.

Three generations of my family have poured their lives and their love into Six Ingredients or Less. We’ve made the transition from print to eBooks, making it convenient for moms and dads everywhere to use our recipes on their laptops, tablets or handheld devices. (Of course, you can always print the recipes, too).

Now, we’re excited to share this website with you. We want to continue to help you get in and out of the kitchen fast, and always be able to surprise your guests when you tell them you only used Six Ingredients or Less.

Happy Cooking,
Linda Hazen
Home Economist

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